Come out and enjoy a good evening’s folk! Lots of variety and a warm welcome awaits in our new venue at Dorking Golf Club (click here for directions).

The club meets each Wednesday except for breaks during August and after the first Wednesday in December until the New Year.


The club closes during August while members attend a variety of Festivals around the country and we meet again on 7th September.


07 Sep 2016

Entrance £3


Not just for Singers - open to all acoustic performers (music, song, poems, prose) who would like to take a floor spot and perform a couple of items for the enjoyment of all.

Featured ‘join in’ tune: Roxburgh Castle in G


14 Sep 2016

Entrance £9



Dana and Susan Robinson are two guitar-playing, banjo-frailing, fiddle-sawing and harmony-singing interpreters of the American experience. Their unique blend of contemporary songwriting and traditional Appalachian music bring to their performances a deep understanding of America’s musical heritage. Underpinning the songs is the undeniable rhythm of their trademark guitar/banjo sound. Whether it is quiet or driving, there is a steady and unrelenting groove to the music that supports the lyric and delivers the story in an effortless and magical way.

The genius of a Dana and Susan Robinson performance lies in their ability to capture the imagination of their audience, evoking a transformative experience that touches on the deepest humanity. They can make the audience howl with laughter or hush with poignant reflection as they take them on a journey across America and convey the mystery and wonder of the places they visit.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Dana relocated to New England where he discovered both a thriving songwriters scene and the deep well of traditional mountain music. In the early 1980’s, Dana settled in northern Vermont and built a house “off the grid” (no electricity and phone) on 30 acres near the Canadian border. There he founded a popular bakery, café and folk music venue. Dana launched into full-time touring after the release of his 1994 debut CD, Elemental Lullabye, and after receiving a request to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City for Putumayo’s Shelter benefit project.

Sue grew up in a musical family in New England. She studied piano, oboe and Scottish fiddle before meeting Dana in 2002. Sue was working in the environmental field in California when she met Dana at a house concert. Upon moving to North Carolina a short time thereafter, Sue launched into studying with many of the great old-time musicians in the Asheville area and adapted naturally to the on-the-road lifestyle.



21 Sep 2016

Entrance £9



Two of the finest exponents of Traditional Song in the United Kingdom; it is difficult to accept that these relatively young men, have a combined 40+ years’ experience of performing at folk venues. Damien and Mike have a rich shared repertoire of traditional songs plus the work of modern folk writers such as Bellamy, Ewan MacColl and Mike Waterson.

Raised in Norfolk and heavily influenced by such earlier Norfolk singers as Walter Pardon and Peter Bellamy, Damien is a stylish and distinctive singer, either unaccompanied or using guitar or concertina. Though he has lived for a long time in West Yorkshire he retains a strong East Anglian identity.

Mike Wilson is the youngest member of the Wilson Family, the powerful Teesside singing siblings who have raised the rafters at many a festival or folk club event. His musical heritage is emphatically that of the North East – rural and industrial folk song both traditional and modern.

“Under The Influence’ is chock full of nothing but great songs brilliantly sung”. Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

“Damien Barber’s sound, style and presence combines the best of Peter Bellamy and Nic Jones”. Dirty Linen



28 Sep 2016

Entrance £9



Brian Peters is one of the English folk scene’s great all-rounders: a compelling singer, a first-rate squeezebox player and a skilled guitarist. Brian is one of the country’s best anglo-concertina players and is just as good on melodeon, while he’s also internationally-known as a powerful singer of traditional ballads. Although best known for traditional folk songs and lively English dance music, Brian’s act is full of variety and also includes newer songs and tunes, plus wild squeezebox excursions into ragtime or blues. Add his energy and dry humour onstage and you have a truly entertaining performer.

Brian has played most of the major folk festivals in Britain and tours all over the world. Last year he performed at the famous Library of Congress, Washington DC, and in 2016 he has appeared at the Australian National Folk Festival and toured the USA. Brian is also in great demand as an instrumental teacher and workshop leader and has recorded several highly-acclaimed CDs.

“One of the best English singers and musicians on the folk club and festival scene” English Dance & Song

“Excellent songs performed to a high standard…. magnificent instrumental playing” The Living Tradition

“A singer, guitarist and melodeon player of rare ability…. one of the very best performers in the field of English traditional song and music.” Dirty Linen (USA)



05 Oct 2016

Entrance £9



Colum Sands has performed in over thirty countries around the world, confirming the universal appeal for the songs and stories with which he observes the minute and often humorous details of life. He established his reputation as a songwriter with the release of his first solo album, Unapproved Road in 1981. Songs such as Whatever you say, say nothing and Almost every Circumstance were soon in the repertoire of artists from Billy Connolly to Maddy Prior and June Tabor. His second album The March Ditch inspired a special BBC television documentary and its songs confirmed his ability to observe locally and appeal universally. On his travels around the world he discovered that many of his songs had arrived before him, carried by other singers and in recordings by fellow performers.

The endless range of venues encountered as he has toured around the world inspired the title track of Colum's seventh album, Look where I've ended up now, released in 2009. It’s a wonderful travelogue of people and places encountered by the County Down troubadour, his meetings with fellow musicians providing the story which led to Michael's Orchard while an unlikely encounter with a pair of old boots in New Zealand resulted in Fred Jordan's Boots in praise of their former owner, English folksinger Fred Jordan.

Between touring and recording, as a presenter of BBC Radio Ulster's Folk Club programme, he has also broadcast a series of programmes for BBC Radio 2 and compiled and presented a series RTE Radio called "Rootin About'. In May 2012 he presented the highly acclaimed BBC Radio 4 documentary, The First LP in Ireland, tracing the work of early folk collectors in Ireland.   His work in radio and studio production earned him the Living Tradition Award for services to Folk and Traditional Music. Colum has produced countless albums for traditional singers and songwriters, as well as produced four tracks on the Sound Neighbours CD released by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, an album which was short listed for a Grammy Nomination.

Colum took time out from touring and his weekly radio programme to write and record his ninth album, Turn the Corner, released during the 2013   Fiddler's Green International Festival.



12 Oct 2016

Entrance £9



Tania Opland was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and Mike Freeman is from Manchester, England. Together, they tour the world from home bases half a world apart, with a unique and eclectic mix of songs in several languages and acoustic music played on more instruments than any sane duo would travel with: hammered dulcimer, guitar, recorders, cittern, violin, Native American flute, ocarina, hurdy-gurdy, percussion... Their shows feature traditional and contemporary material from many cultures as well as original compositions, all presented with wit and style – providing an evening of great music and entertainment for all, especially those seeking something a little off the beaten track. Mike's irreverent sense of humour and Tania's stunning vocals provide the springboard for a rollercoaster ride across several continents and back again. Strap yourself in and enjoy!

"Tania and Mike... are definitely a partnership made in heaven. They are quite simply one of the most original and interesting musical combinations you're ever likely to see! Between them they weave a fascinating musical tapestry." Chester Festival, Kelsall, Cheshire, UK



19 Oct 2016

Entrance £3


Not just for Singers - open to all acoustic performers (music, song, poems, prose) who would like to take a floor spot and perform a couple of items for the enjoyment of all.

Featured ‘join in’ tune: The White Cockade in G


26 Oct 2016

Entrance £9



“If you thought Mrs Ackroyd without the physical presence of Les Barker was unthinkable, then think again! They had the audience in fits of laughter throughout and it's really refreshing to find an act that is not only "different" but one that oozes quality and really communicates with its audience. Of course, this doesn't just "happen" but is underpinned (to be serious for just a second!) by the brilliance of Les's lyrics, the superb vocal skills and comedic timing of Hilary Spencer and Alison Younger and the fine musicianship of Chris Harvey. A rare treat.” Folk On The Moor, Ivybridge Devon

“Despite the absence of Les Barker, his strange imagination still soars to musical heights through the stunning voices of Alison Younger and Hilary Spencer and the keyboard wizardry of Chris Harvey.   Alison, Hilary and Chris musically recreate the weird and wonderful world of the internationally acclaimed poet, philosopher, photographer and fruitcake and continue to perform the marvellous nonsense that is MRSACKROYD, a remarkable trio of musicians that will delight and entertain you. Funny, witty, thoughtful, emotional - but always brilliant!” Cleckheaton Folk Festival

“What a privilege to witness the inaugural gig of MrsAckroyd. We were treated to a feast of great singing, expert accompaniment and of course humour both subtle and zany. Alison, Hilary and Chris have a gift of communicating with the audience which guarantees an evening of total enjoyment.” Croydon Folk Club

“A feast of musical humour from a high quality act who give their own hilarious treatment to well-known songs.” Heswall Hall Wirral



02 Nov 2016

Entrance £3


Not just for Singers - open to all acoustic performers (music, song, poems, prose) who would like to take a floor spot and perform a couple of items for the enjoyment of all.

Featured ‘join in’ tune: Dennis Murphy’s Polka in D


09 Nov 2016

Entrance £3


The club's AGM will take place during the first half of the evening.  This will be followed by a condensed singers' night.

Featured ‘join in’ tune: Fairy Dance in D


16 Nov 2016

Entrance £9



Jody Kruskal is a New Yorker who loves his concertina. He is a warm and engaging entertainer; his material ranges from witty to gritty and all of ‘life, love and death’ in between.

Extracts from an interview, which can be seen in full on Jody’s website:

I grew up in Chicago but I’ve lived in Brooklyn, NY for 30 years.

My mother and I would play “guess the composer” at breakfast, listening to WFMT, our local classical music radio station.

My early music education was through singing with the Chicago Children’s Choir for twelve formative years. Without question, my youthful work with this excellent choir fostered an early instinctive harmonic sense and an ability to hear chord changes.

As the youngest of three brothers, I soaked up the music my siblings loved… Broadway classics, Gilbert and Sullivan, pop, rock, folk and the morris dance tunes my brother Tom played on the Anglo concertina.   As a young composer and music student in college, on a whim... I gave Tom’s concertina a go and was instantly smitten by the power of the bellows-driven expressions that tumbled out and the responsive dynamics of his cute little squeezebox. It played loud; it played soft and everything in-between, all driven by the merest impulse and gesture. I was hooked and had to have one of those squeezy things for my very own. My first tune was Shepherd’s Hey.

In 2006, I started to tour the UK, performing these songs in folk clubs and festivals and I’ve returned every year since.   The English model of a singers club where the guest performer leads the audience in group singing… this is rare in the US. So I keep coming over to the UK where folks seem to enjoy what I enjoy, a good sing and a fine old song that tells a story and has a chorus.



23 Nov 2016

Entrance £3


Not just for Singers - open to all acoustic performers (music, song, poems, prose) who would like to take a floor spot and perform a couple of items for the enjoyment of all.

Featured ‘join in’ tune: The Wren in G


30 Nov 2016

Entrance £9



A Cornishman who has lived on Dartmoor in Devon for 37 years, Geoff has been described as ‘a stalwart of the west country folk scene and the father of a virtual folk dynasty’. He is dad to Seth, Sean and Sam, all of whom are renowned performers who began playing as children in a family band with Geoff and their violinist mum, Joy.

Geoff is a leading exponent of the rare Crane Duet concertina. He performs both self-written and West Country songs and English, Irish and Scottish folk music along with other music as varied as Jimmie Rodgers, The Louvin Brothers, Richard Thompson and Randy Newman. He is also one of a few who play 1920s and 30s jazz on an authentic 1920s instrument. See Geoff performing on ‘Youtube Geoff Lakeman’.


07 Dec 2016

Entrance £3

SINGERS’ NIGHT with Christmas Raffle 

Not just for Singers - open to all acoustic performers (music, song, poems, prose) who would like to take a floor spot and perform a couple of items for the enjoyment of all.

Featured ‘join in’ tune: St Mary’s Polka in G



We start 2017 on 11th January with a Singers’ Night, when membership will be due for renewal. There are plenty of great acts to come: guest artists already booked for 2017 are listed below, so note your diaries now and keep checking this website for further details and updates . . .


18 Jan 2017


Bob Wood




25 Jan 2017






08 Feb 2017


Greg Harper




22 Feb 2017






01 Mar 2017


Harp and a Monkey




08 Mar 2017


John Watterson




15 Mar 2017


Judy Cook




29 Mar 2017


Bram Taylor




05 Apr 2017


Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe




19 Apr 2017


Huw Williams




26 Apr 2017


Tom McConville




10 May 2017


Nick Dow




17 May 2017


Coope Boyes & Simpson




24 May 2017


James Hickman & Dan Cassidy




07 Jun 2017


Jim McLean




21 Jun 2017


Martin Carthy




05 Jul 2017


Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman




18 Oct 2017


Broom Bezzums




25 Oct 2017


Winter Wilson







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